VetText is proud to support the CSU veterinary students through an annual scholarship. Students from each class as well as the members of the university community are given the opportunity to nominate a veterinary student that they feel exhibits one or more commendable qualities. Nominations are confidential and only read by members of VetText Board. One nominee from each class is chosen based on the quality, rather than the quantity, of nominations.

This year's theme was Veterinary Student Good Citizen

2021 Winners

Class of 2022

Kristina Williams

My name is Kristy, and I am a member of the Class of 2022. I am originally from Boston, Massachusetts, but before vet school was living in San Diego, California. 

I wish I had some interesting hobbies, but I am working or busy with vet school most of the time. I do love to cook and if you ever need a budget-friendly recipe, let me know. I love a good pun or stupid joke and often tell very long, rambling stories. 

I work as a relief technician at Fort Collins Vet Emergency and, before this year, worked as a DVM Program Teaching Assistant in physiology and the “ologies” (biology, virology, and bacteriology). My current career goal is a rotating small animal internship, with the goal being a small animal specialty. 

I am currently president of the Class of 2022 and am very honored to receive the VetText Scholarship.

Class of 2023

Leah Sauerwein

I decided to pursue veterinary medicine for the versatility this career offers and the impacts I can have as a scientific professional. I felt a strong connection to animals since a young age, and I am equally passionate about helping their human companions. Prior to starting veterinary school, I received degrees in Neuroscience and Psychology from the University of Colorado Boulder. Knowing I wanted to remain in Colorado for veterinary school, I worked in small animal general practice and emergency settings to gain clinical experience. At CSU, I have the pleasure of being involved in many student organizations on campus through which I was able to connect my classmates during a pandemic year and promote wellness and professional growth opportunities. As someone who is interested in all realms of veterinary medicine, my future goals are not yet fully defined. I hope to find a balance of clinical and community driven practice while fulfilling my other interests in advocacy, public policy, and the advancement of one health principles.

Class of 2024

Luisanny Perez

My mother tells me I was born with a love for animals. Whether I was back in the Dominican Republic or in The Bronx, I would often be where the animals were. To my family it was no surprised that I chose to pursue veterinary medicine, however this journey is about more than just my love for animals. Growing up in The Bronx it was difficult to come across a veterinarian who looked like me. This gap drove me to seek opportunities that would lead me down the adventure I am currently on. Though I took a detour and pursued research for some time, volunteering in a veterinary clinic redirected me.