VetText is proud to support the CSU veterinary students through an annual scholarship. Students from each class as well as the members of the university community are given the opportunity to nominate a veterinary student that they feel exhibits one or more commendable qualities. Nominations are confidential and only read by members of VetText Board. One nominee from each class is chosen based on the quality, rather than the quantity, of nominations.

This year's theme was Veterinary Study Guide Creators

2023 Winners



Class of 2023 – Amanda Vegter 

I chose this field because I have always felt an immense bond to animals and a desire to devote my life to helping them in whatever way possible. I truly believe that animals of all types are an essential part of a healthy, happy life (in many different ways), and I am incredibly lucky and honored to be able to spend my career improving their health and quality of life.

Class of 2024 – Amelia Dolgin

I am pursuing veterinary medicine because I have a deep passion for animals and a desire to improve their health and wellbeing. I believe that animals, both domestic and wild, deserve the best possible care and that I am gathering the skills and knowledge to provide it. I am drawn to this field because it allows me to combine my love of animals with my interest in medicine and science, and I am excited by the prospect of working with a variety of animals in different settings, from companion animals to zoo animals and wildlife. I recognize the importance of the human-animal bond and the role that animals play in our lives, and I am committed to using these skills to promote the health and happiness of both animals and their human caregivers.

Class of 2025- Mandy McCormick

I chose to pursue veterinary medicine as my career after working on a few different cattle operations growing up, gaining great respect for the people in the industry and that lifestyle, and seeing how much the livestock industry has a need for veterinarians willing to do that work. The owners of one of the ranches (and some very dear friends/mentors) planted the seed, on several different occasions, that I should consider trying to get into vet school since I had a good feel for working with animals. The amount of student debt I'd have from vet school made me a little nervous, so I decided to become a CVT first. I quickly realized, however, that I did want to go for it and become a vet so that I can someday own my own rural mixed animal practice. Now, several years later, I'm humbled to receive this scholarship and am so grateful that my study sheets have helped others of my colleagues. We are all in this together and there is greater strength in numbers, so we've got to take care of each other! We've got this you guys! Love you all! 

Class of 2026 – Kylie Yancey 

I chose Veterinary medicine because I love the horse-human bond. It was important to me to have more ambulatory equine practitioners out in the world. I hope to find a sustainable, fulfilling career in equine medicine, focusing on lameness and all aspects of general practice. Equine vets are among the best people I have ever met; I can't wait to join their ranks and help communities and their horses!